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Network strategically beyond business cards

About Loop Card

A customized card that showcase your achievements and connect with new people with a single tap.

By switching your profile swiftly, Loop Cards allows you to show multiple identities professionally.

We provide a networking platform that allows you to share your information with others using completely customizable profiles.

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Care for the dementia elderly

We understand caregivers are stressed out so we are here to help to provide freedom for the elderly to leave home safe. If the elderly get lost, passersby who find them can browse the messages left by their families and elderly’s information with a single tap or scan, without using any app.

Best stall helper

Loop Cards are very useful for market stalls as the social media links and even payment links can be integrated in the Loop profile. Also, time for exchanging contact and payment can be shorten. Let's optimize sales processes by Loop Cards.

Membership card

FOMO Asia X Loop Card

IP Collaboration

Hong Kong International Licensing Show provided valuable experience for us to introduce more about Loop Cards to the guests. Aligning the theme of the event, the style of Loop Cards can be diversified, in order to provide the most unique and customizable cards for our customers.

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