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Medicine label for the Elderly

There is a lack of concern on the designs for the ageing population in Hong Kong. Easy-understanding medicine labels help to minimise the error when elderly is taking drugs. Intensive researches covered namely typography, layout, colours and icons... Experimental designs also included the label design, in order provide a more comprehensive medicine taking experience targeting for the elderly.

UX design | Packaging @ 2016


Elderly suffer from heavy medication. Labels are the major instructions for them to understand each dosage. Misunderstanding could lead to fatal results.





User tests methodology namely card sorting, behaviour questionnaire, on site observation, prototypes comparison...

Experimental design includes the packaging design and multifunctional appliance. This set aims to provide a happy and user-friendly medication solution to target users.

A funnel help to get rid of the past package to the proposed one. Users can open the same time group of medicine in one zip.


Respect other elderly

as I would love my own





Medicine Label
Role: Designer, Researcher
Client: HK Hospital Authority
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