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Top Blade War Room
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由Top Blade Steak Lab 團隊主理,啟發自英國二戰時期的戰時辦公室 Churchill War Rooms,期望在烹調佳餚時復刻出當時堅毅與勇敢的精神。我們希望不管是在最光輝還是最黑暗的時刻,都能與抱持相同理念、對美食有要求的親朋摯友,分享食物與相聚時光。我們優化了客人網上預定的過程,並營造了一個戰時秘密基地的氣氛。


Managed by the Top Blade Steak Lab team and inspired by the World War II-era Churchill War Rooms in the United Kingdom, we hope to recreate the spirit of determination and courage from that time for culinary delicacy. Our goal is to share food and quality time with close friends and family who share the same values and appreciation for fine dining, whether in the brightest or darkest moments.

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